The maximum venue capacity is 300 so registration is on a first come first served basis for all those involved: presenters, non-presenters, students and invited guests. The audience will comprise well-known speakers who are stalwarts in their field of expertise, as well as members of the international research community.

Types of presentations

Papers must be deliverable as 30 minute presentations, comprising 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes questions and brief discussion. Presenters should use presentation aids rather than simply reading aloud from their paper.

Posters are well suited to work-in-progress and practice focused work. Posters are generally expected to have diagrams and graphs along with short paragraphs.

Posters must be of A0 dimensions that is 1189 mm (height) x 841 mm (width).

Posters to be displayed at conference have to be printed in Portrait type page setting and NOT landscape page setting.