Letter of Invitation

If you are from a country which requires you to obtain a visa from the UK government in order to enter the UK, then please contact the appropriate embassy.

The only letter we can provide is a ‘letter of invitation’ to a fully registered participant or audience member who has paid the conference registration fee in full and we must have received it.

If you require such a letter of invitation, please allow 1 week after your registration and submission, and then send us an email requesting the letter of invitation to: contact@INCORME.com

We will not post any hard copies but will send a scanned PDF letter of invitation to the email address you gave us on your registration and submission form. Please make sure you send the request for a letter of invitation from the same email address. If records do not match then we will not be able to respond.

Except a letter of invitation, no other assistance under any circumstances will be given regarding the visa process.