Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can someone else present my paper / poster? No, it is not allowed. You must present your own work.

  2. I am unsure as to whether I can submit the full paper at a later date? You will be given two weeks after conference to send in your full paper. To attend this conference, an abstract or poster must be submitted online, together with the registration form and conference fee.

  3. The online payment did not work? Please send us an email and we will call to give you details for alternative payment methods such as bank transfer, account depositing or by cheque or demand draft.

  4. How are abstracts evaluated? They are evaluated by organising committee and review panel for novelty, originality and contribution to the field.

  5. I want to present but I cannot attend conference? You should register as a Virtual presenter and send us a video file at We will play the video file to the delegates in an allocated presentation slot. Feedback received in the form of a short summary and questions raised by the audience will be sent to you.

  6. What size should my Poster be? All accepted posters must be A0 size and printed in portrait style that is 841mm (width) x 1189mm (height).

  7. How do I know about the progress of my submission for publication? We will notify you at every stage of the publication process about the outcome of the publication selection process.

  8. Can I get a refund? If you need to cancel your registration for our conference for whatever reason, you must do it in writing to us at minimum 25 working days before the actual date of conference or event, or before 1st day of event in case it is more than 1 day conference or event. Cancellations or refund requested before stipulated 25 working days will receive 50% registration fee back and 50% will be deducted for administration expenses, service charges and slot occupancy fee, as conference venue has limited capacity. Any cancellation, refund or return requests received on or after 25 days limit will not receive a refund under any circumstances and no further communication will be made in this regard. The organising committee’s decision shall be binding and final in all such cases.

  9. What computers and audio-visuals are available to presenters? All conference rooms are equipped with a laptop or tablet attached to a projector for presentations. Each room has flip charts and markers available. You may bring your own laptop but we cannot take responsibility for your belongings. You may bring a flash drive to plug in to the available computers.

  10. Insurance, health and safety? We have taken insurance for conference but it is every participants’ responsibility to protect themselves and their belongings. Your belongings are not insured by us. Any behaviour or actions which are deemed threatening to conference, the venue, individuals or their reputations, will not be tolerated by the organising committee, organisers or Brunel University. Any such behaviour or actions will attract immediate ban on participation from conference and venue as decided by organisers and Brunel University.

  11. What about transportation, accommodation, conveyance, food, drinks? We don’t provide any of this. The registration fee is for attendance and participation in the conference. However, daily food and drinks vouchers are available (at an additional cost). You are advised to inform us of your requirements so that we can arrange catering for the days you stipulate. Payment in advance is required for these vouchers.

  12. When will I receive the full programme? A copy will be available at conference reception when you arrive and also you will be notified of your presentation slot 2 weeks prior to the event. An overview of time and details of all three days of conference is available on this website in programme section.

  13. When will I receive my registration invoice? You will receive your invoice with a welcome pack on arrival. If you are unable to attend we will email your invoice to you.

  14. Can a registration be transferred to someone? Yes, but only in the case of local candidates. Registration is NOT transferable if we have issued you ‘a letter of invitation’ to support your travel.

  15. Student’s registration? Please ensure that the email you provide on your registration form is that of your university, college or school. This is to confirm that you are a current student with that institution and allows you to apply for a discounted conference place.

  16. If you have any other questions? Please feel free to write to us at: